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CannaCare Relax capsules with CBD 51% 30 pcs

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CC Relax is a product for relaxing and regenerating the body.

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CC Relax is a product for relaxing and regenerating the body. It relieves muscle tension, provides overall calming and supports the quality of sleep.

CC Relax 51% CBD capsules are especially suitable for

  • mental and physical relaxation
  • maintaining mental condition during long-term mental strain and stress
  • improving sleep quality
  • relaxation and regeneration of muscles and joints after physical activity and sports
  • proper functioning of the immune system
  • protection of cells from oxidative stress
  • support of cognitive functions and normal functioning of the nervous system
  • maintaining a balanced energy metabolism
  • regulation of blood pressure and proper functioning of the cardiovascular system
  • healthy functioning of the liver and digestive system
  • normal thyroid and respiratory system function

CC Relax CBD capsules contain 0% THC.

The pack contains 1530 mg CBD, 30 capsules.

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