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Cbweed CBD Gel Capsules 4 % 60 pcs

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Try Cbweed Cbd capsules!

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Are you looking for a useful food supplement that you want to include in your diet plan? Try Cbweed Cbd capsules! This is our high quality CBD oil enclosed in compact gel capsules for very easy dosing. This allows you to easily take advantage of CBD features away from home and on the go.

With regular use of CBD capsules, it is possible to note the positive effect of cannabidiol (CBD) on our heart rate, perception of perceived pain, defense. At the same time, CBD has anti-inflammatory effects, which will be appreciated not only by athletes, but also by people with joint and muscle problems.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the dominant cannabinoids contained in the cannabis plant. It is a non-psychoactive substance that can have a beneficial effect on a wide range of physical and mental problems.

CBD capsules are made from CBD oil, which undergoes a process of extraction with CO2 through steam distillation, which guarantees a balanced ratio of individual beneficial substances that occur in the cannabis plant.

Do you care about your health and require products in BIO quality?

We can assure you that medical cannabis, from which CBD oil is made and subsequently CBD capsules, was grown in the conditions of organic farming. This means that no chemical fertilizers or chemical preservatives were used in the cultivation.

Each pack contains 60 capsules.

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