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Try CBD Premium Hemp Extract oil in soft gel capsules! 

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Try CBD Premium Hemp Extract oil in soft gel capsules! CBD capsules are easy to use and are made under professional supervision directly from hemp grown on Italian plantations. Why does it make sense to buy and use our CBD capsules Premium Hemp Extract?

When you take a capsule, you always know exactly how many milligrams of CBD you have taken. The CBD content in our capsules is perfectly suited for health purposes, when high doses of this cannabinoid are required. You can carry the capsules with you, so if you are traveling regularly, you only need to take exactly as many capsules as you need to stay away from home. There is no risk of overdosing or "overdosing", so it is very convenient to use and it is easy to plan the whole treatment - you can accurately calculate the cost of the amount needed before starting therapy. There is no risk of oil leakage - our gel capsules are "one-piece" unlike conventional two-cap capsules, which can be detached; this is not really a threat with our soft gel capsules! Easy to use - also designed for people whose hands are shaking,

Each pack contains 30 capsules. Each capsule contains 33.6 mg of CBD in a broad-spectrum, high-quality hemp oil.


  • certified CBD content (guaranteed 33.6 mg per capsule)
  • broad spectrum extract from the whole plant
  • maximum bioavailability
  • odorless, with a mild hemp flavor
  • gelatin capsules as the perfect medium for our CBD oil


  • those who do not like the taste of common CBD oils
  • those who use CBD for medical purposes and need accurate dosing
  • those who want to carry the CBD safely with them
  • those who have difficulty dosing CBD oil in drops


Filling composition: hemp seed oil, hemp extract, natural tocopherols (E306)
Packaging composition: food gelatin, glycerol (E422), water.

Each capsule contains: 33.6 mg CBD 10.43%, capsule fill weight: 33.6 mg, THC: 0.02%, CBDV: 0.12%, CBDA: 0.05%, CBG: 0.02%, CBN: 0.04%

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