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ENECTA CBD OIL C 1000 10% 1000 MG 10 ML

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Soothing hemp oil CBD with 1000 mg cannabidiol (CBD), extracted in Italy from our plants Cannabis Sativa L.

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Enecta CBD oil is manufactured and tested in specialized laboratories to ensure safety and purity according to strict GMP certification. It does not contain any artificial ingredients.

Enecta C oil is a product in the form of hemp oil obtained by cold pressing of Sativa L. hemp seeds, a method that protects the extract from harmful changes. It features a practical and efficient dispenser that prevents wastage and ensures accurate dosing. The addition of natural alpha, beta, gamma and delta tocopherols, in addition to ensuring the natural preservation of the product, combines the already beneficial properties of cannabidiol and important antioxidant properties.

INGREDIENTS: hemp oil, 1000 mg cannabidiol (CBD), natural tocopherols

DOSAGE: Drip under your tongue and swallow after up to 60 seconds . Gradually increasing the amount of CBD used will allow everyone to find the right dose to suit their needs. Shake well before use. Dietary supplement.

CONTENT: 10 ml of organic hemp extract with 10% (1000 mg) CBD

STORAGE: Store in a cool, dry place out of light.

MADE IN: Italy

 Store in a cool, dry place out of light.

MADE IN: Italy

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