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FITCANN ointment 100 ml

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Are you looking for cannabis ointment you can really rely on?

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Are you looking for cannabis ointment you can really rely on? Try Fitcann natural help with the full spectrum of cannabinoids (active ingredients that come from cannabis). The high- quality product for athletes has been developed to help regenerate muscles and attachments, skin defects, abrasions or scars. Our customers recommend the ointment especially when dealing with the following ailments:

Pain: back and spine, joints, tendons and tendons, tennis elbow and other painful places and injuries.
Skin defects: psoriasis, eczema, acne, dry skin, bedsores, sores, bumps, burns, scars and abrasions or mold.

Ointment can be used universally, it is safe.

The ointment contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids.

Fitcann hemp ointment is an ideal partner in nature, where you can easily get injured or where you can be stung by insects. So it's great for a travel first aid kit. It also boasts the fact that it does not contain synthetic petrolatum. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. In the ointment you will appreciate the natural relaxing oils and fragrances that come from premium extracts. We have been carefully looking for medicinal plant extracts for you all over the world for many years. You will also like the profile of Fitcann ointment when applying it, because it is gentle and easy to apply. In addition, it is enriched with comfrey, which athletes have always recommended.

The ointment will also be loved by those who suffer from sores. We only add extracts from whole cannabis plants to our products, ie the so-called full spectrum(full extract). We have varieties of cannabis from a highly controlled source, which guarantees quality stability. We use only Czech cannabis extracts, we do not mix them. You will not find synthetic cannabinoids in any product!

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