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Green Earth CBD coconut oil 30 ml

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CBD coconut oil - a dietary supplement.

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CBD coconut oil - a dietary supplement - was made according to the secret recipe of Green Earth. CBD coconut oil  with the addition of hemp oil harmonizes the natural processes in the body and thus supports its defenses. It has a positive effect on heart rate, cholesterol levels, blood glucose levels, normal skin condition, muscle and joint function.

How is CBD coconut oil different from other CBD products?

  • Unique, gentle and natural processing
  • Maximum BIO availability
  • Pleasant, delicate aroma and taste - does not burn in the throat
  • Easy to use even for children
  • The full spectrum of all cannabinoids
  • BIO quality


  • Recommended daily dose: 500mg daily = 0.5g (1/10 teaspoon). Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.
  • The package contains about 59 doses.
  • Use: Orally take the recommended daily dose. 


  • BIO coconut oil
  • BIO hemp oil
  • CBD oil
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