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Green Earth CBD coffee BIO 250 g

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Containing 300 mg of CBD, quality Colombian coffee enriched with CBD. 

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Containing 300 mg of CBD, quality Colombian coffee enriched with CBD. Full taste, rich aroma. 250 g. Certified CZ-BIO-002.

Ground selected coffee from small farmers with CBD content. Carefully selected grains, 100% BIO product from sustainable agriculture. 

Our ground coffee is especially suitable for espresso (especially home coffee makers or mocha teapots), has a stronger taste and a more pronounced aroma with the characteristics of sugar cane, cherries and green apples.

However, it can also be prepared by filtration. 

Origin of coffee: Colombia, Tolima, Planadas altitude 1,400–2,000 m above sea level Degree of roasting: medium.

Variety: Caturra, Colombia, Típica, Castillo. Washed method. Characteristics: sugar cane, cherry, green apple.
Ingredients: Organic coffee, Organic CBD - cannabidiol.
CBD content: 15 g of coffee contains 18 mg of CBD. 250 g of coffee contains 300 mg of CBD.

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