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Green Earth Hemp & tea tree oil 30 ml

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Hemp & Tea Tree oil  has antiseptic and regenerating effects on your skin.

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Hemp & Tea Tree oil  has antiseptic and regenerating effects on your skin. The protective and regenerating power of pure  hemp oil  with 20%  Australian tea tree oil  brings together a product that combines in one advantage the two exceptional gifts of nature. The oil does not contain synthetic perfume and is dermatologically tested.

Hemp & tea tree oil - what it affects:

  • helps with skin infections and fungal nails and nail beds,
  • reduces the risk of "athletic foot" (foot dermatophytosis = mycosis),
  • has beneficial effects on aphthae, yeast infections (in the corners of the mouth, etc.),
  • regenerates abrasions, abrasions, after insect bites, etc.,
  • prevents excessive oiling of the skin (helps with acne),
  • acts antiseptically against dandruff and inflammatory diseases of the hair roots causing the formation of large-scale dandruff (separation of the skin due to inflammation),
  • in the form of mouthwash, it helps to reduce the multiplication of bacteria in the mouth and bad breath, the formation of dental plaque (but there is a negative burning bitter taste).

Hemp & tea tree oil - active ingredients

  • Cannabis  - helps to regenerate and soothes skin irritation. Softens the skin, relieves the symptoms of dry skin, cracking and acne.
  • Tea tree oil  - has antiseptic effects against bacteria and fungi. Helps prevent skin inflammatory complications. It is suitable for the care of skin prone to dermatitis and acne, but also for the care of athletic feet (feet affected by mold).
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