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Zelená bába CBD oil 5 % 10 ml

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Zelená bába CBD oil 5 % 10 ml.

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Zelená bába cannabidiolas have recently been in the great interest of scientists and doctors around the world, and it is fast being discovered that they are a VERY EFFICIENT FOR many widespread diseases. CBD has been shown to have positive effects in the treatment of mental disorders, melanoma, insomnia and other sleep disorders, depression and other problems and diseases.

Zelená bába personally uses and recommends this range of extraordinary CBD oils to treat depression from the green grandfather, back pain from pulling a cratom from Borneo, strengthens her immunity against all bad things.


  • Sleep disorders: 50-150 mg CBD / day
  • Strengthening of immunity: 2-10 mg CBD / day
  • Depression: 5-15 mg CBD / day
  • Chronic pain: 3–25 mg CBD / day
  • Multiple sclerosis: 3–110 mg CBD / day

Products with CBD from Zelená bába are safe. CBD is not psychoactive and is non-toxic to the body even in high doses.

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