Crohn's disease: CBD can bring great relief

What is Crohn's disease

Crohn's disease is a term for a chronic inflammatory disease affecting the digestive tract. Simply put, it is a condition that causes inflammation of the gut or digestive system. It is probably an autoimmune disease with various manifestations.

Some of the most common symptoms areTiredness and fatigue, Anemia (a reduced level of red blood cells), Mouth ulcers, Loss of appetite and weight loss, Feeling generally unwell or feverish, Abdominal pain and diarrhea.

On top of that, Crohn’s is considered a chronic condition which means that it is ongoing and likely to be life-long. It’s very possible that those who suffer from the condition will experience good periods and then times when the symptoms are more severe.

Possible causes and treatment

While we do not fully understand the exact causes of Crohn’s, diet and stress appear to be major factors that can aggravate it. Latest research suggests that genetics and hereditary and environmental factors may contribute to the development of this condition.
Unfortunately, western medicine offers no cure for it, although there are some possible treatments. Surgery and medication can offer long periods of relief. Unfortunately, pharmaceutical treatments may have adverse side effects.

CBD may be a solution

University of Ontario focused on the effect of CBD treatment, and the first experiments yielded positive results in animal tests. A test group of 1,000 sick people in Tel Aviv showed that cannabis-containing drugs have a beneficial effect on some people. The crucial thing was getting the dosage right. Also, a small amount of THC has been shown to be a positive factor in this treatment.

Cannabis stimulates appetite and relieves symptoms of nausea and inflammation. These effects can bring significant relief while dealing with Crohn's disease. So far, there is not enough scientific evidence to clearly demonstrate a widespread beneficial effect, so the decision to use CBD oils in your treatment, for example, is purely your personal decision. But CBD has very mild side effects in comparison with almost all other medications, and it poses no risk of addiction. Thus, it is a great option for patients looking for pain relief – especially those who want to avoid opioids.

Tip: CBD oils are great for getting the dosage right. You can experiment and slowly increase the dosage until you achieve the required effect. But remember - it takes at least a few days for the oil to take effect - so be patient.

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